Virginia Beach Roadtrip

The great American pastime is the road trip. Since I’m American and some old travel friends wanted to get together we chose to make the drive from Philadelphia to Virginia Beach. I wanted to rent the new Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

but at the time it had not even been released yet. Imagine it now. Blasting music and chowing away on beef jerky  down the great American highways that I really appreciate after seeing some crap roads around the world. I can still remember biking down the world’s most dangerous road


Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

The Mercedes was not to be. We ended up renting the least expensive car the rental agency had, which still cost a small fortune thanks to being young. Under 25 to be exact. Cars are not my thing anyways. Or that is because I did not get to rent the fine looking Mercedes. And for that reason the trip to Virginia Beach was a bust.

That amazing timeshare my friend’s mom let us use.

Yeah. That look on my face is shock from the realization that I would have to sleep on a pullout bed for the next few days. I’m a flashpacker

now and the backpacker days are long gone until my businesses go flop. Or after I buy that Mercedes and won’t be able to afford to travel, let alone gas to fill it up.

As to why Virginia Beach sucks…there are many reasons to explain why. But it’s trashy and nobody thought to tell us this. Face tattoos were aplenty. The beach even had black goo spewing into it. It was not hidden either. The weather was mostly rain and I could not even find a person renting beach chairs. That’s not a homeless man below either. It’s me without a beach chair in front of the soulless timeshare highrises. This was also a week after the Virginia Beach military plane crash

, if you remember the CNN headlines.

We did make the most of the situation by embracing the trashiness that is Virginia Beach. But that story is for another post.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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