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Visit the Picasso Museum and Gothic Quarter

Pablo Picasso is arguably the most famous Spanish artist. A painter, sculptor, ceramist, and printmaker, among many other things, he most well-known for amazing the world with his modern art and cubism styles. The Picasso Museum and Gothic Quarter Walking Tour

showcases the early life of Pablo Picasso and how he developed into the famous artist, as well as the beauty of Barcelona’s most historical areas.


Your day will start at Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona’s city centre and the intersection between Barcelona’s “old city” and the Eixample, built in the nineteenth century. From there, you will go to the Cathedral of Barcelona. With its stained glass windows and imposing architecture, this grand Gothic cathedral is nothing short of striking. Because this tour features radio-guides, you are able to follow the whole story without missing anything from your earphones, so feel free to pause and get a snapshot of this grand place of worship.

The tour will then take you to the famous Picasso Museum, where you can enjoy a guided tour and some free time. The Picasso Museum houses 4,251 works exhibited by Picasso, one of the most complete permanent collections in the world. Collection highlights that you shouldn’t miss seeing are: The First Communion (1896) and Science and Charity (1897), two of Picasso’s first major works. The Picasso Museum, housed in five connected medieval palaces, is absolutely beautiful to walk through, and reveals Picasso’s strong connection and relationship to the city of Barcelona.

Next, you will visit Plaça del Rei and Plaça Sant Jaume, where the tour will end. Both are located in the Gothic Quarter, a stunning example of Barcelona’s ancient beauty. Walk down its narrow streets and discover many charming hidden squares that are precious relics of Spain’s past.

The Picasso Museum and Gothic Quarter Walking Tour is offered daily, except on Sundays and Mondays from 01 April to 01 November. The tour begins at 9:00AM, is given in English, and lasts for two and a half hours. It costs 29 euros for adults, and children under ten years old can take the tour for free. Included in the cost is entrance to the Picasso Museum, which is worth 11 euros. The walking tour is about 2 kilometers (1.3 miles) so is not very strenuous, but you should still wear good comfortable shoes. This tour features both the history and beauty of Barcelona’s art culture, and it’s something not to be missed.

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