Visiting Abbey Road

At this point in my life I feel spoiled. Abbey Road, the street crossing shown on one of the most famous Beatles albums, is a lifelong dream destination for many. For me, its an inconvenient tourist site I only visited to satisfy a visiting friend’s desire to see it. Many people would kill to walk this crossing.

Beatles - Abbey Road.jpg

What’s my verdict on Abbey Road? Go! On this ordinary but famous street you will have the chance to see dedicated Beatles fans and slightly interested tourists like myself cause a nuisance. About every few seconds a group or person will walk this crosswalk for a famous photo op. But since this has always just been a normal crossways it disrupts traffic like no other. So the reason Abbey Road is worth a visit is for these three reasons:

  1. Watch and be one of those silly tourists making a fool out of themselves. You will feel a strange but nice bond with people from all over the world who came to Abbey Road just to walk a crosswalk.
  2. Observe London drivers reactions to silly tourists disrupting their drive. Either you’ll get a nasty look or a nice British smile.

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