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After visiting Northern England and Scotland I had no choice but to go see that other part of the UK that borders England but has a confusingly dependent yet separate relationship with London.  I’m talking, of course, about Wales, a country (it is a country, right?) that has some amazing coastal scenery. I headed for the coast, to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park for the end of my UK trip, and like the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, raged against the dying of the light. Or maybe I just chilled out on the beach.

Pembrokeshire is the UK’s only coastal National Park. It has both sharp cliffs and sandy beaches, which have what I was told is very good surfing, which might be great surfing if you consider there are no risk of shark attacks. There is an amazing coastal trail that runs the whole length of the park and it’s worth hiking as much of it as you can. There are great places to see what seem like fields of sea birds and seals, including some incredible islands that multiple tours can bring you to. There colorful villages all along the edge of the park, and cottages in Wales

can be found in many of them. Many of them are holiday cottages in Wales

, but many of them are lived in full time and thinking about that made me a little envious, given how incredibly beautiful the whole area was. But I’ll be okay being locationless for awhile longer.

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