Want to Work and Travel? 10 Ways to Do It

Want to Work and Travel? 10 Ways to Do It

We live in an age when remote working has become somewhat the norm. Being able to work from home has many benefits, however, remote working also provides countless opportunities to work from anywhere in the world, rather than just the comfort of your own living space.

More and more people are looking for ways to work flexibly, while at the same time explore and travel the world. If you happen to be one of them, this post is for you. We’re going to explore some remote work travel programs and companies with remote work opportunities.

1. BootsnAll Travel/AirTreks
These two companies have both embraced the whole concept of remote work. There are no physical office spaces, headquarters or common locations for workers. Everyone works independently of any location.

2. Automattic
This company allows employees to work from anywhere they please. So far, they’ve got people working from over 50 countries. Company meetings are few and far between, as in one every year that takes place over 7 days.

3. Remote Year
With Remote Year you can work and travel for four or twelve months at a time. Some of the cities to be included in upcoming itineraries include Cape Town, Mexico City and Kuala Lumpur. Accommodation is set up for you, together with co-working spaces, but you are responsible for finding your way there in the first place. There are lots of apps you can use to find the perfect flight, for example, jetapp.co.uk.

4. Buffer
There are some fun benefits if you decide you want to be a Buffer blogger. They include free books and kindles, MacBooks, unlimited vacation, 1-3 months leave you can spend with your family, and a yearly retreat.

5. Olark
More than 10,000 companies use tools designed by Olark and its team is distributed around the world. You’re allowed to work from a location of your choosing, take control of your own schedule, and enjoy numerous benefits such as comprehensive healthcare, monthly cell reimbursement and 12 weeks of paid leave for parents.

6. Dow Jones
You do need to complete a 3 month trial period, but after that, most people who work for Dow Jones are able to work remotely.

7. Hacker Paradise
This platform is very much like Remote Year, but the opportunities are more flexible with regard to travel plans and length of stay. You can choose to work with Hacker Paradise for several months or just a couple of weeks, whatever you prefer.

8. Coworkations Want to Work and Travel? 10 Ways to Do ItWith this platform you can choose a monthly itinerary that is based in a range of cities across the globe. This is just perfect for any remote worker that’s got a limited amount of travel time or a digital nomad who is after an adventure that is hassle-free.

9. Behere
This is a remote working community designed for women. It helps with the booking of housing, spaces for working, membership to fitness studios or gyms in the city that’s being visited. The minimum stay in any one place is 30 days and you have to choose accommodation that’s listed on the Behere platform.

10. WanderBoss
With WanderBoss, you can travel on trips and work remotely for four or six months and divide your time between two or three cities. Lots of programming is provided for you in each location. If you’re a digital nomad who long to immerse themselves in the culture of different cities, this is the option for you. Each trip you take means you spend two months in cities such as Chiang Mai or Brisbane.

This is a very small selection of the opportunities available for anyone who wants to work remotely and travel.

Jason Bucowski
Jason Bucowski