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Wednesday Night Out in Quito

After working on my laptop at a café all day I returned in time for the poison. What normally makes this a great time is the room. It’s a typical rectangular living room but it’s lined with cushions on three sides like a hookah bar. The room is quite small making it the perfect place to meet people. But just because it’s the perfect place to meet people does not mean that you always will. During the first half-hour I sat in the corner staring at the wall because the people to the left were facing each other in deep conversation.

It was an uncomfortable silence but I stuck it out and in time one person near me left making it possible for me to chat with one girl from the U.K. Our conversation was really typical of when you meet another traveler. Where are you from? What are you doing here? Or often times we reminisce other destinations we have both been.

By around ten at night I walked a few blocks with a friendly American guy, an Ecuadorian –American girl, and another girl from the U.K. to the most popular disco on Wednesday nights, Bungalow 6. It is well known for its ladies night in which they only allow women in the disco from eight until ten where all drinks are free. The men come barging in after ten and that’s when my night began.

I really surprised myself with my salsa dancing abilities. I danced with at least ten separate girls throughout the night and had a genually fun time. I can say this was easily the most fun night I have had since I went out in Colombia last August. This includes four months of nights out at university.

I woke up the next morning with an average hangover, my contact lenses still in my eyes, and a lost cell phone. The hangover went away by mid day, my eyes recovered, and by the end of the day I found my cell phone under my bed even though I had looked there a few times before with no luck. I am pretty glad I found it or I would have otherwise lost my numbers which I never backed up, including the number of one of the girl’s I met that night.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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