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What Does $400+ Pesos Get You For Lunch In Buenos Aires?

A great meal can change a dining experience into something extraordinary. That is exactly what occurred when I treated my buddy Dulce to a meal at the best restaurant in Buenos Aires, maybe even South America? I had been staying at my Dulce’s apartment for a week after returning from my travels in Bolivia and wanted to thank her with something special for her birthday.
Cabaña Las Lilas

was the answer and the New York Times agrees!

“I can hear you sputtering from here. What? Fly all night to Argentina

to eat in a parilla when every big city in the United States

boasts steakhouses promising (some even delivering) prime U.S.D.A. beef? Well, this is grass-fed beef, raised on the vast ocean of chlorophyll called the Pampas. It’s different. Some, including me, would say better, with a rounder flavor, leaner texture and sweeter fat. You eat in a handsome wood-and-leather room in the redeveloped Puerto Madero docklands area, and drink from a wine-wall stocked with fine Mendoza reds like those of Nicolas Catena.

Octavio Caraballo, the owner, supplies all the beef from his own ranch, or estancia. We flew there with him — big guy, bigger cigar, even at 8 in the morning — on his private plane, admired the spread and ate beef (what else?) for lunch. The selection was bigger at dinner back in town, with medallón de lomo (tenderloin) and cuadril (rump) and ojo de bife (rib-eye) covering every inch of the big grills. Little “bombon” sausages and sweetbreads, too.

Warning: They will ply you with so many delicious breads, so many salads and such superb cheese and olives and peppers, that you might not be able to do justice to the beef. Which would be tragic.”

We started off with a bottle of red wine and about 10 varieties of warm bread with many different sauces to boot. But the reason we came for the the main meal.
It was outstanding with so much flavor and the perfect wine combination thanks to the knowledgeable servers. It was a rare treat to receive such great service in South America, and I really appreciated it. It makes me think that the tipping system in the US is not so bad after all.
Dulce certainty enjoyed her food, as did I.
But when the servers came by to ask if we wanted dessert there was no way we could not.
Did I mention the view from the restaurant?
The crazy expensive experience was well worth it!
Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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