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What Is the Best Continent to Travel?

The desire to travel the world has been around since cavemen existed. There is something innate in all of us that want to see what is just beyond our borders, to experience new cultures, foods, and lands. And now with transportation and technology that can take you anywhere, it is just a matter of where you want to go. So what is the best continent to travel?

Europe has so many countries and cultures close to each other and the wonderful EuRail system

to travel through them on. You can purchase a pass for up to 24 different countries for only $504 for 3 months of travel, and move pretty freely through the customs as you come and go. Although each country has its own language, many speak English as well.


Asia is an amazing travel experience with possibilities like India, Korea, Japan, and Thailand. There the best means of transportation is either bus or train, and because it is so cheap there isn’t a need to purchase passes in advance. China can be a little difficult to work with making arrangements at the actual stations, but hotels can be a great help for tourists. Thailand has an extensive bus line and it is extremely cheap. In fact a first class ticket in an air condition car going from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai is only $8.50.

It has been said that getting around Africa will require time and stamina because the local public transportation isn’t reliable and you often have to take boats and motorcycles to get where you want to go. In South Africa, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Morocco, and Ghana hitch hiking is a recognized and often paid for means of transportation. One tip if you have a car and it is registered in South Africa, you won’t need a carnet de passage to get around but you will have to have an international drivers license as well as your domestic one, vehicle insurance and a new set of plates.

In North America and Australia your main means of travel will likely be cars or air planes. In Australia a plane ticket from Melbourne-Hobart to Tasmania runs about $71. In the US you could fly from Pittsburgh to Orlando for under $250. In Australia and the US you can find car rentals for under $40 a day. If you are planning travel through Papua New Guinea or Fiji small boats and motorcycles may be needed because the roads and regions will be less developed.

boating back down

South America is a more difficult country to travel in because of its political instabilities and difficult border crossings. Which region you travel to will likely determine the means of travel best suited for that area. For instance in the southern, more developed areas buses and boats are they typical means of transportation, but through the central areas motor bikes and small cars are better because the terrain is more primal. Brazil is a little easier and has more resources like taxis, buses, subways, and car rentals.

Antarctica is the hardest continent to travel

to, and on. It is basically isolated frozen tundra and with the exception of a few ice crushing ships during certain months of the year, the safest way to access it is by air plane. But even then you have to make sure your plane is ready for the temperature. Air craft owners or even travelers will want to stop by some pilot stores

and get a quality transceiver like the Icom IC-A210 Panel Mount, or even a Icom IC-A24 NAV-COM in case of any emergencies.

Globetrotting can be a once in a lifetime adventure. Just make sure to plan ahead and be prepared for the area you will be traveling in.

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Jason Bartoli

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