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What New Yorkers do on their Holidays in New York

So, you’re travelling to New York but want to live like the locals? With so many infamous tourist attractions in the Big Apple it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. If you want to live like a New Yorker and experience this captivating city like it’s your own, check out our guide for the best things to see and do!

Rooftop Dining

With such a magnificent city skyline, it is easy to see why dining at rooftops restaurants is a favourite pastime for many New York locals. Many New Yorkers choose to simply spend their holidays by fine dining at some of the best restaurants in the world. Keep in mind that weekends are the busiest times at many of these restaurants, so head in mid-week if you’re looking to relax. Bookings are essential at many rooftop restaurants, so get in quick to avoid disappointment.

Visit the Hamptons

2007 - The hamptons

A truly local New York holidays

 experience would not be complete without a trip to the Hamptons. Making up the southern region of Long Island in New York, the Hamptons consist of a group of shore side villages including Southampton and East Hampton. The Hamptons attract celebrities from every walk of life and you’ve most likely seen the Hamptons featured on your favourite America television series or movies. If you thought a beach house was a small little shack by the shore, you’ll be seriously mistaken when visiting the Hamptons, as you witness extravagant displays of architecture and elegance. If you’ve got a bit of cash to splash, try booking a holiday house for part of your trip and live like the rich and famous of New York City!

Go to a Grand Opening of a Bar or Club

New York is home to some of the most exclusive bars and restaurants in the world. New Yorkers flock to prestigious bars and clubs of a weekend, but make the most of their holidays by trying out the latest and greatest on offer. In NYC it seems as though there’s a new club opening nearly every weekend, so get in the know and check out a swanky new bar, to live like a real New Yorker.

Christmas Window Displays

Christmas Window Display

While this is also a favourite amongst tourists, most locals in New York City will also visit the enchanting window displays during the holiday season. The crowds are sometimes a deterrent for visiting the store fronts that line the streets, however you can’t experience a Christmas in New York without witnessing the craftsmanship and imagination that goes into creating these displays.

New York City is blessed with having some of the greatest tourist attractions in the world, encompassed with some of the best kept local secrets. If you’re planning a New York holiday but want to steer clear of the touristy hangouts, be sure to check out these local delights.

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