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What To Do Before a Long Road Trip

Your car may be sufficient for driving back and forth from work, but you need to be confident it can handle a long road trip before embarking on one. You may have some time in between jobs or want to take a sabbatical. Taking a long road trip that lasts for several weeks can be a great way to unwind your mind and see parts of the country you have never witnessed before. There are plenty of scenic road trips

to take, but here is what you need to do to your car first.

What To Do Before a Long Road Trip

Check All the Fluids

You need to make sure your vehicle has sufficient oil, radiator fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid. You typically do not have to worry about these fluids too much. In fact, you generally only need to replace your radiator fluid once every 50,000 miles. However, you do not want to be caught off-guard by everything, so have a mechanic inspect your vehicle thoroughly.

Inspect the Tires

Your tires are important in terms of comfort, safety and fuel efficiency. The last thing you want to contend with when you are in the middle of unfamiliar territory is a blown-out tire. You need to replace your tires

once every 25,000 to 50,000 miles anyway. It may also be a good idea to get a tire rotation.

Check All the Electrical Components

While your car is parked in the driveway, you should test out every single light and electrical part to make sure everything works as it should. Check the headlights, windshield wipers and horn. Again, you do not want to be caught somewhere new and strange only to find something does not work. You also want to check the AC and heater, especially if you plan on traveling in the summer. You will really depend on your AC during that time of year.

Make Sure Your Insurance Is Up-To-Date

You should contact your auto insurance company to make sure your insurance policy is paid off and up-to-date. If you do not have full comprehensive coverage, then you should seriously update it. Once a year, you should contact various insurance agencies to find the best rates on auto insurance

. Although you never want to end up in a car accident, you need to be prepared for one.

Have a Reliable GPS System

If you plan on traveling to many cities and various destinations, then you need a GPS system that works dependably. Most people can use the GPS apps on their smartphones to great success. With this, even if you get lost, you can easily find your way back to a main road.

Obtain an Emergency Kit

You should have a first aid kit in your car at all times. It is even more important to have one before going on a road trip. In addition to a basic first aid kit, you also want to have some emergency supplies in case you run into some mechanical problems. You want to have jumper cables, a jack and a tire gauge. That way you can help yourself somewhat before AAA gets out to you.

Have Fun

Above all else, this is a time to cut loose and have a ton of fun by yourself or with loved ones. If you are traveling with other people, then have everyone burn a CD so that you can listen to an array of music. You also want to ensure the people in the back seat have plenty of activities to keep themselves occupied for hours on end. Pack plenty of snacks because it may be a while before you find regular restaurants. This is a great opportunity, so enjoy yourself.

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