What You Need to Know About Living in South Beach

What You Need to Know About Living in South Beach

Before you start looking through condos for sale in Miami, dreaming of moving to South Beach, Miami Beach’s long southern stretch down its tip at South Pointe Park long known as the place to see and be seen, there are a few things you should know.

South Beach is A lot Different Than Living in Miami

There’s a big difference between living in Miami as compared to living in South Beach, which is part of Miami Beach. It’s a small area in a small town that’s easy to get around via public transit, on bike or on foot. As parking is at a premium, it’s an ideal spot for those who want to ditch the car and simplify. This community is also one of the most exclusive in Miami, with a few single-family homes and lots of high-end condos that offer jaw-dropping views over the ocean or of the downtown Miami skyline. As Curbed recently noted, a penthouse on South Pointe Drive was on the market for a whopping $65 million.

It’s a playground for the wealthy and tourists of all types, as well as being popular with more flamboyant crowds, though you can expect to find a bit more tranquility on the west side along West Avenue.

Florida Sunshine Without Suffocating Humidity

What You Need to Know About Living in South Beach

The city of Miami tends to be a lot more humid than South Beach, which enjoys more of a coastal breeze and maintains cooler temperatures throughout the summer. That means you get all the plusses of plenty of Florida sunshine without being suffocated by humidity.

It’s Diversity Results in a Tasty Food Scene

South Beach draws people not only from across the country, but around the world to experience its powdery white sands, clear turquoise waters and pastel Art Deco buildings. That means lots of culture and fabulous food, including plenty of Latin delights. The culinary scene here is incredible and can be experienced in everything from food trucks and cafes to fine dining restaurants. You’ll also be able to pick up affordable tropical fruits in the markets, including juicy mangoes, something that people living farther north don’t get to enjoy.

Moving Here May Be Good For Your Health

With so many beautiful, fit people here, moving to South Beach might make you a bit more conscious of your image, which can be a great motivator to improve your diet and step up your exercise routine. You’ll find plenty of gyms, but you may want to take advantage of the tropical weather to get outdoors and walk, run or bike. From 23rd Street to South Beach a paved path primarily stretches seamlessly along the beach offering beautiful views and great people watching, especially at South Point Park with its views of the Miami skyline and Biscayne Bay.

It’s Easier to Meet People

As most people here live in apartments or condos, it tends to be easier to meet new people, make friends and gain more of a sense of connection to the community.

Jason Bucowski
Jason Bucowski