Where Should I Go On My Holidays?

It might seem strange to many of my readers that I am considering going on holiday, given that most people equate holidays with travel and I do

I can't be trusted not to pet the pretty kitty

that all the time.

While it is terribly nice travelling around as free as a bird, with nothing tying me down, I do sometimes get a hankering for a structured break. Relaxing myself while on beach holidays

doesn’t really require any more forward planning than having the presence of mind to equip myself with a towel and some sunscreen, but it would be nice to have someone else decide the timetable and sightseeing for once. I also think that adventure holidays

like a lion safari or similar probably need some professional involvement to ensure that I don’t get eaten or lost in the desert.

Something that has always appealed to me is the idea of spending time in Egypt holidays

surrounded by the ancient relics of the Pharaohs are the kind of thing you can brag about. The fact that many of the most impressive sites, including the Sphinx are suffering from pollution and erosion has lit a bit of a fire under me in this regard. It would be a dreadful shame to be a traveler by profession and practice and still miss out on seeing some of the most iconic relics still in existence.

I wonder if they let you pet the Sphinx?

I’m also quite tempted by the idea of luxury holidays

even if only for a few days. I think I could get quite used to being waited on hand and foot in a Moroccan riad or waking up to breakfast on my own private island in the Maldives. Although, perhaps I will get far too used to it and spend the rest of my humdrum life longing to relive those days and crying into my non-gourmet coffee that I had to make myself like a serf.

I’d love suggestions for where I should go, or stories of your favorite holiday for inspiration.


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