Who Says You Can’t Take Mary Jane Out?

Who Says You Can’t Take Mary Jane Out?

Many stoners rejoiced when California finally legalized recreational marijuana in January 1, 2018. As an economic superpower

not just in the United States but in the whole world, the Golden State will be a major influencer in the ever-shifting politics of weed. Aside from California, eight other states and Washington, DC, have legalized the recreational use of cannabis, and twenty-nine states allow its use for medical purposes.

Make no mistake, though. Just because smoking pot in California is legal doesn’t mean there are no rules in place. You may find yourself in hot water if you are caught smoking in the wrong place or go travelling with an illegal amount. Here are some cannabis laws to keep in mind before taking your stash out in public.

Know the Legal Limits

Like most regulated substances, there is an age limit for purchasing weed. Only adults aged twenty-one years old and above are allowed to buy cannabis, and you will need a valid ID for verification. Aside from the age factor, you are also only allowed to purchase up to one ounce of marijuana per day. As for other marijuana products, like brownies, bars and other edibles, you can buy a maximum of eight grams of concentrates.

Last but not the least, you can only purchase marijuana at certain times of the day. There are no shops that sell weed 24-7. In fact, it is illegal for businesses to sell cannabis from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Keep this in mind before you go out to shop for supplies.

Know Your Workplace Rules

It is important to note that marijuana is still considered illegal under federal law, so employers, especially those that conduct business with the federal government, may defer to this when enforcing drug policies.

Second, there are currently no state laws that protect cannabis users from getting fired for consuming the drug or failing to pass workplace drug tests

. Marijuana rules in the workplace differ. Some companies follow a strict zero-tolerance policy for all kinds of drugs, while others have chosen to remove cannabis from its list of banned substances. The bottom line is you need to get to know the policies in your office before you start blazing.

Who Says You Can’t Take Mary Jane Out?

Do Not Use Weed in Public

Just because recreational pot is legal doesn’t mean you can puff like there’s no tomorrow at the park or at your favorite coffee shop. So where are you legally allowed to smoke weed? The short and safe answer to that question is to do it on private property, like your own house.

Take note, though, that if you live on rented property, your landlord may restrict the use of marijuana products within the premises. Generally, the places that are known to prohibit cigarette smoking, like schools, hospitals, airports, planes, and terminals, also forbid people to use weed in all its forms.

Do Not Consume Cannabis While Driving

Thanks to legendary stoner films

like Up in Smoke, hotboxing, or smoking marijuana in an enclosed space like a car, seems so cool and exciting. Movies don’t have the same restrictions as real life does, though, so don’t risk smoking or eating cannabis in your vehicle because it is illegal and you can be fined. Both drivers and passengers are prohibited from consuming any cannabis products while inside the car.

If you are traveling with weed in your car, then you will have to follow these specific rules for storage:

  • Cannabis must be stored inside a sealed container.
  • The seal must not be broken.
  • If there is no sealed container, then the marijuana must be stored in a locked compartment like the trunk.
  • You can only smoke or use weed within the state where you bought it. You can’t take it

    across state borders.

Proceed with Caution

The marijuana industry remains a volatile landscape. Make the experience as enjoyable and as hassle-free as possible by keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest marijuana news and changes in legislation.

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