Will Students Need to Be in the Classroom?

Will Students Need to Be in the Classroom?

Technology is constantly changing the way we do things.  One big advance being made is education.  Up until recently, students received their education in one central location, a school building.  Or, some students were homeschooled, taught by their parents.  Now, there is another alternative: online homeschooling

.  This new form of education allows students the ability to learn anywhere, possibly eliminating the need for a traditional classroom setting.

Customized Learning

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ELearning classes allow students to customize their learning while still staying within their state’s specific curriculum.  Students get to work at their own pace.  If they were struggling to keep up with the rest of their class, they can take their time with a difficult lesson.  They can even access previous lessons if they need a brief review, which would be impossible in the classroom.  Students who were ahead of their classmates can now move quickly through their lessons, keeping them motivated to learn more.

24/7 Assistance

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In a traditional school setting, struggling students can’t always get the necessary help.  Teachers can’t stop in the middle of a lesson, nor do they always have the time after class.  Tutors can be difficult to find, or difficult to get to.  With eLearning, students have 24/7 access to qualified online tutors, no matter where they are.  They can also spend as much or as little time as they need with these tutors, ensuring they fully understand their lessons.

Any Time, Any Place

One of the greatest things about eLearning

classes is that there is no set schedule.  Students are not confined to a specific place for a specific amount of time.  While some sort of schedule is recommended, students can take extra time to comprehend their lessons or spend extra time getting ahead.  Also, as it is online, students can always be learning, even when they’re traveling.

The traditional classroom setting may offer some kind of structure, but this doesn’t work for everyone.  Technology has allowed for students to learn anywhere, at any time, and get help whenever they need it.  This advancement in education could eventually lead to the elimination of the classroom we once knew.

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