Work Travel with the Family: Las Vegas Hotels for Traveling with Kids in 2013

If you’re like me and have to do a lot of traveling for work, sometimes you just can’t avoid bringing the kids along. When I realized I had to travel to Las Vegas for work this year, it initially came to mind as the last place I’d ever want to take my kids. After looking into some of the options for Vegas hotels and daytime activities, however, I realized that it might not be so bad afterall. In fact, it’s somewhere where me and my kids will both have fun together and separately.

While many may think of Vegas as Sin City and have no desire to travel there with family, there are actually many Las Vegas kid friendly hotels that are perfect for a family trip if you have to travel for work. While the Vegas nightlife and casinos are hard to overlook when thinking of Las Vegas, there are many Vegas activities that are appropriate for family of all ages. With its multitude of hotels and conference venues, I know I’m going to have to make several business trips to Las Vegas this year, and I’ll most likely have to bring the kids. So, if you end up having to visit Las Vegas with family like me, here are my picks for best and worst Las Vegas hotels for traveling with kids in 2013:

Top choices for a family friendly Las Vegas Hotel


Mandalay Bay: As a popular spot for meetings and conventions, the Mandalay Bay is a likely destination for business travel to Las Vegas. Luckily, Mandalay Bay is also a great family friendly option for a Las Vegas vacation. The kids will have endless entertainment at the Shark Reef Aquarium and Sand-and-Surf Beach wave pool. Kids will also love the Lazy River and 3 other pools at the Mandalay Bay. For those travelling with small children, life jackets are available and inner tubes are allowed in the Lazy River. Plus with its Vegas hotel promo code for 2 complimentary buffets for rooms reserved before February 21st, 2013 and other special promotions, you can travel with family and still stay within budget.

Circus Circus Hotel

Circus Circus: If you’re trying to find a Vegas hotel where both you and your kids can enjoy yourselves, the Circus Circus Las Vegas

is a good choice. Kids love the AdventureDomeTheme Park rides and free shows. There are also plenty of kid friendly restaurants within the hotel, and since the kids will be entertained, you’ll have plenty of time for work and your own fun in the casino. Plus, the Cirucs Circus is currently taking out the Rim Runner ride and replacing it with El Loco, which will open December of 2013, and they also has plans to build a Las Vegas water park!

MGM Grand: The MGM Grand is a great option for visiting Las Vegas at any age. MGM has over 16 restaurants and options for the whole family. You and your family can see Cirque du Soleil’s Ka or any of the various Las Vegas entertainment events at the MGM Grand Garden. Arena. Plus, with the MGM Grand Grander Suites hotel promo code you can save up to 20% on your stay until October of 2013.

Las Vegas Hotels you won’t want to visit with kids:

Planet Hollywood Hotel Las Vegas: People often consider Planet Hollywood as one of the top places to party when visiting Las Vegas, and they’re right. I recommend you DO stay here if you want to party, but DON’T stay at the Planet Hollywood if you’re traveling with children. While this hotel is a great choice if you hope to party and enjoy Vegas nightlife, it’s not the best option for a family vacation. With the Gallery Nightclub, Peepshow strip show, and American Storm male show, this hotel is perfect for those who want to experience Sin City, but not for those who are traveling with kids. They do have some daytime shows that are appropriate for kids, but overall there are many other hotels that are more family friendly in Las Vegas.
Palms Casino, Las Vegas

The Palms: With 7 clubs and bars as well as 4 event venues, the Palms is one of the top Las Vegas party hotels. If you’re traveling alone this is a great Vegas hotel option, but if you’re headed to Vegas with the family, I’d say avoid making your reservation here. There are many fine dining options, but other Vegas hotels offer more kid friendly food options, and the nightlife scene that this hotel promotes is not geared towards family vacation.

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