Your love is like a Rollercoaster baby

“Rollercoaster, yeah (ooh ooh, ooh ooh)
Oh, baby, you know what I’m talkin’ about
Rollercoaster of Love (love rollercoaster, child)
Oh, yeah, it’s Rollercoaster time
Lovin’ you is really wild
Oh, it?s just a love rollercoaster
Step right up and get your tickets!

Your love is like a Rollercoaster baby, baby I wanna ride, yeah
Your love is like a Rollercoaster baby, baby I wanna ride”

Of course you all know that song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, right?

The next day we were all sitting around on our computers, when Julian suggested that we go to the amusement park here in Bogota. Being a weekday, they had a special for something like 10,000 pesos for unlimited rides.

This place is no six flags, but it has some decent rides. First up was a wooden roller coaster.

We got in line and waited, and waited. Being a long line, I had to state the worst possibility; right as we would reach the front of the line it would rain and the ride would close. I was kidding, of course. What are the chances something like that would happen?

After nearly an hour, it was our turn. And of course, the ride broke down just as we were about to get on the ride. I suppose its better they close the ride than us just ride it.

The entire line of over 100 people left, with more than half of the people running to the next roller coaster in order to get a better spot in line. We were part of those people running!

We did manage to ride this roller coaster.

Next up was the pirate ship that sways from side to side. Here we are waiting in line.

You see that ferris wheel? yeah, well we did not ride it. They are kind of boring.

This was my first and probably last experience visiting an amusement park in Colombia.

Jason Bartoli

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