Your Ultimate Itinerary When Visiting Bath

Your Ultimate Itinerary When Visiting Bath

Often left in the shadows of bigger, more fast paced cities like London, Liverpool, Oxford and its neighbouring city Bristol, Bath is one city you should be bumping up on your list of places to visit. Although our friends over at My Favourite Voucher Codes

might be slightly biased as their home turf, you can’t fight the fact their guide does make this Georgian, literary touched city sound like an interesting place to visit. Breaking it down into the must-see sights, locations perfect for the inner photographer in you, and food, drink and other things to do, this comprehensive guide will ensure you get all Bath’s best sides.

Things to do in Bath

There’s plenty to do no matter what you’re into in Bath. With a whole host of parks, museums and galleries, and other facilities you can expect to fill your time in between sight seeing with a lot of great activities.

If you’re looking for something chilled out, Victoria Park is a great place to start. Visiting as a family? You can enjoy the vast park filled with sand, slides and friendly faces. Take in the more scenic areas and lounge by the water or in front of the Crescent with ice cream and a good book. You can even rent a boat for just £7 on the River Avon.

Bath is also host to a variety of museums and galleries, including the Holburne Museum, which is always housing fresh art exhibits. You can also travel back in style and take a look at the latest collections at the Fashion Museum. Or learn about one of Bath’s most famous residents at the Jane Austen Centre.

If you’re after something a bit less cultured, the Bath Leisure Centre has a great trampolining park, as well as bowling.

The Classic Tourist

When visiting a new place, it’s a rite of passage to tick off the hot tourist spots and see all the iconic sights. Bath is no different. From the Roman Baths to the abbey, the Parade Gardens and Pulteney Bridge, there are plenty of landmarks within the city worth seeing.

The best way to ensure you see them all?

Like most places, tour buses are the way to go. You can book onto the Hop on Hop off bus tour at Golden Tours or 365 Tickets through My Favourite Voucher Codes

and save up to 15% on attractions. Not only do you get taken on a smooth route around the important spots, you’ll also get great insight into the history through your guide and ensure you’ve got the foundations of your knowledge down for the rest of your trip.

Find the Bath Views

With its beautiful Georgian buildings, Bath looks picturesque no matter where you view it from. However, our favourite spot to get a panoramic view across the top of Bath takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Either commit to the mini uphill hike or take a short bus from the city centre to Bear Flat. From here you can do the final walk to Alexandra Park, park yourself on a bench and take in the stunning stretch of Bath. Offering a lovely woodland walk on the way back down to the city centre, this one is perfect for any visiting couples in search of something a bit more romantic and special. Regardless, the view is one to tick off.

Discover the Best Photo Opportunities

Your Ultimate Itinerary When Visiting Bath

Whether you’re a keen photographer or simply like taking a good photo to post to Instagram, there are plenty of great locations that offer some of Bath’s best angles.

The Circus is perhaps the most picturesque roundabout you’ll ever see. These curved town houses offer the perfect backdrop or could take centre stage themselves. Stand at the top facing down towards Queen Square and you also get a terrific street view of Bath. Prime time for visits and great photo outcomes are at the height of summer and autumn when the leaves of the tree will start to turn orange and red.

The Royal Crescent is a short walk from The Circus and is an iconic part of Bath. Snuck onto the edge of Victoria Park, it’s definitely not a bad place to lounge and offers equally as beautiful architecture as The Circus. You’re even welcome to step inside.

Where to Eat and Drink

And of course, finally, the all-important food and drink. You can’t go to Bath and not enjoy Afternoon Tea at the Pump Rooms. Although pricey, the setting is essential. Live like a character straight out of an Austen novel and enjoy scones with cream and jam, perfectly cut sandwiches and exquisite cakes.

For something a bit more casual, we would recommend taking a stroll along the vendors in Green Park Station. Jc’s Kitchen offers huge portions of Philippine cuisine at great value for money.

Fancy a drink? Why not sip your drink from the rooftop of Hall & Woodhouse? Great views and great beverages? What could be better?

Whatever kind of traveller you are, there’s a lot to be taken away from Bath. Live the authentic tourist experience and tick off all the fantastic sights or take a more chilled out approach with brilliant parks and activities. Filled with history and life, don’t let Bath sneak off your radar when visiting the UK.

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