Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico: Undeniable

The Yucatán Peninsula is unequaled whether you are a nature lover or anyone seeking an adventure. One can find crystal clear waters, historical riches, and national monuments indicative of this region of the country. Here are 3 locations to visit while traversing the southeastern section of Mexico.

    1. Playa Del Carmen

Playa del Carmen Beach


Located within the Riveria Maya on the Yucatán Peninsula, Playa Del Carmen

has evolved past its humble roots as a small fishing town. More commercialized, this fast growing region is a stop for cruise ships and European expatriates. This must stop vacation spot is also perfect for younger-aged newlyweds looking for a honeymoon in Mexico to provide both a relaxing, romantic location

, but also boundless activities. Visit Cenote Chaak-Tun to enjoy a pleasant walk on a well-maintained pathway among the singing birds, lush greeneries, and the canopy of winding vines. Eco Theme Park Xcaret

is another fascinating haunt Playa Del Carmen offer. Here a jungle trail, Underground River, several Maya archeological sites, and a coral reef aquarium provide visitors with a pleasurable and memorable visit.

    1. Mérida

Known as the cultural capital of the Yucatán Peninsula and also the capital city of the Yucatán, Mérida has both architectural and historical treasures. Step back in time as you stroll along the Paseo de Montejo where restaurants, museums, lavish art galleries are in abundance. This section of Mérida

is perfect for a horse drawn carriage ride down the historic buildings and monuments. Explore the Mayapan Mayan Ruins, the largest Mayan site known. Surrounded by cenotes, this excavated area showcases the once brilliant civilization that also houses the El Castillo (tall pyramid) and El Caracol. Finish your day at one of the local restaurants. Eat a delicious meal at La Chaya

where your budget is safe and the food is seasoned well and prepared fresh. Traveling to Mérida will appease anyone willing to discover this national gem.

    1. Tulum

Enjoy a spectacular view of the clear turquoise waters at Tulum. Located here is a walled city, the last stronghold of the Mayan civilization during the 13th century. Now a major port for Cobá, Tulum is separated into 3 sections: Tulum Pueblo, Tulum Playa, and Tulum Ruinas. Be aware that each area of Tulum is distinctive from one another. Tulum Playa is especially great for tourists looking for a resort-like stay while enjoying both the beach and archeological preservation. Another great spot to explore is the Cenotes LabnaHa Riviera

.  Also known as the Magic Mayan World, visitors can relish Mayan civilization through various available activities: zip lining, snorkeling, swimming, and canoeing. Gran Cenote

is also a popular spot for snorkelers and divers. Whatever your experience level—beginner or advanced, the shallow sandy bottoms and the underground caverns will delight everyone. Tulum is perfect for the adventurer or anyone looking for a romantic getaway.

Whether you choose a well-traveled path by other tourists or a location that is off the beaten path. Wherever you travel, the Yucatán Peninsula offers plenty of opportunities to explore.

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